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Swift Services, LLC. Presents the Northwest's 39th Annual

space.gif - 43 Bytes    2017 NW Model Hobby Expo
AMA Sanction 17-20
Friday, Jan. 27th 10 AM - 6 PM; Saturday, Jan. 28th 9 AM - 6 PM;
Sunday, Jan. 29th 9 AM to 3 PM
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Monroe, WA

We have a lot of new features for our 2017 NW Model Hobby Expo. We will have three drone racing events, one each day, using the Tini Whoop drones in our indoor flying arena!
We have some special activities for the Maker folks! What we're calling the Maker Blitz! You can present your Maker Projects FREE!!! Just fill out the application and send it to us. This is offered as a first come, first served service.
We have even more vendors coming that support 3D printing, robotics, drone racing, RC flying, car racing, boating, trains and more! Due to all of these attractions of the 2017 Expo, we're expanding into the third building.
If you or someone you know has a hankering to try Radio Control, you'll love the Try and Buy new feature of the 2017 Expo. Why not take home an RC vehicle, robot or drone that had been tested, trimmed and set up for you by experts?
We'll have even more club participation than ever, so you'll have experts to answer your questions about club events, setup problems or recommendations for RC. It will be fun for the whole family! Please reserve the dates for 2017!
Here's a link to a video presentation of our 2016 event
A special thanks to all who came out supporting our 2016 Expo Event. It featured 3D printing, expanded robotics, expanded battle robot competition (38 entries!), expanded drone (quad, hex, etc.), high quality indoor carpet track racing competition, and vendors selling tools, kits, batteries, ESC's, servos, radios, videos, vehicles of all kinds and a whole lot more.
In our two buildings, we featured live demos, vendors, indoor flight, water filled boat pond, drift cars, carpet racing, small track car racing and lots more in the Event Center! The Commercial Building, new for the 2016 show, housed thousands of items that were bought and sold at the swap tables. This is one of the largest swap meets this side of the Mississippi!

The Scale Competition winner photos are here.
We have the Scale Model photos here.
Thank you again, to all who helped to bring this incredible event to our community!
Please send your feedback and sugestions to It helps us make improvements to the show.
We have already been in touch with the fairgrounds personnel and have put some of the these ideas to work !
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